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Hell yes 

Hell yes 

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- I have bonded with wonderful people before school days ended and throughout summer. Most of us were just schoolmates and classmates who don’t know each other well… And now, here we are. Qwerty, yes, that’s our name.(Jherold named us, so yeah…)

here are the funny, noisy & extremely good looking friends who’ve made my summer more fun

Chatina   Ery   Melvin S.   Melvin DA   Dianne

Kyle   Jherold   Emy   James   Aeron   Justin

Robert   Rasheema   Harry   Paul   Joyce

Cheers! x

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Expectations are half disappointments.


Expecting something is like gambling. You’re not sure whether that expectation will lead you into something good or into something disappointing so might as well consider it as the latter.

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8 Filipino words that don’t translate to English


  1. Kilig: a feeling of being intoxicated by the idea of love, whether subjectively experienced or through mirror neurons.
  2. Gigil: an extreme urge to squeeze someone or something, usually brought about by either a cute or irritating object.
  3. Pikon: a feeling of anger when one gets served a whopping dose of poetic justice.
  4. Tampo: a pretend-tantrum one puts upon to elicit apology from another party.
  5. Sayang: an interjection that connotes frustration over a near-miss.
  6. Diskarte: the act of being discreetly resourceful.
  7. Pambahay: a comfortable set of clothes usually worn within private spaces and avoided during social events.
  8. Pasma: muscular pain experienced upon immediate contact with cold water, after sweating or exposing one’s self to heat. (x)

I’ve been sleeping very late recently, going to bed at 4am and even 6. I have this thought in my mind. I really want to let it out and talk to the person in my mind. But I don’t think now is the right time to confess, I also think this person would get confused and things might get awkward for us. Gahhhh what should I do?


   Last February, we had an inter-level Science Cheer Competion. And in our(Grade 9) cheer, we adapted/played the cups song seen on Pitch Perfect.

   Of course, we needed cups. And I had these circa 2002-2005 KFC bucket cups. These were really old and important to me, coz’ my Mama and Papa would buy me these every time I had an achievement in school. And yeah, I brought some to school so we’d have cups to use on our cheer performance. I brought the Flintstones and All Star NBA cups, my favorite ones… and after the contest… I found out that more than half of them where either broken or had huge cracks. Like they weren’t okay to be used again. Di na pwede inuman :( I really regret bringing them to school. I wished that I could go back in time and not have brought those nalang. The cups were really important to me, they had sentimental values already. But yeah, it happened already. Haha.


we celebrated melvin’s birthday last night, originally march 25, yeah late celebration

we went to ewood, walked around

then we ate at kfc yum yum

after some time of walking again, emy melvin and I went to DQ

we headed for bon appetea at marcos highway

but I stopped at the village gate already and went home

and they went to bon app w/o me 

because I have curfew haha

yeah.. it was a fun day